About Susan Lockwood

Personal Voice Coaching

One-to-one training designed to help you find your voice and your style.

Group Voice Coaching Sessions

Bespoke sessions for teams who need to present, influence and persuade.

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Presentation & Public Speaking

I've been teaching for 30 years and will help you improve your posture, presentation, timing and delivery.

Performance Skills

Learn to perform in a way that engages your audience and engages your audience.

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Susan Lockwood is a skilled spoken voice teacher with excellent interpersonal skills.

She holds a MA in Vocal Pedagogy from The University of Wales Trinity St David.

She has over 20 years experience in both the private and public sector.

She has trained both trainee teachers and actors in London Drama Schools.

She offers training in vocal skills, presentation, public speaking, and performance technique.

I believe your voice is important as anyone else’s and will help you reach a high standard of vocal skill and confidence, and develop your delivery so it is compelling and interesting.

  • Public Speaking

  • Stage Performance

  • Vocal Coaching

  • Self development


Improve your vocal and presentation skills today!

Tell your story with confidence. Book an appointment and find out how powerful your voice really is.

My Areas of Expertise

Personal Development

Lacking in confidence when speaking in public? If you need to propose a toast, make a speech at a wedding or speak to a group, learn how to speak effectively. Gain the basic skills to increase your confidence – soon you’ll be able to stand and deliver your speech in a way that will impress!

Stage Presence

Develop your confidence to make a whole range of tasks easier on a day to day basis. Equip yourself with techniques, posture, correct breathing and control of nerves to enable you to speak with calmness clarity and confidence. Whether for work or self-development, learn to speak up!


London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art examinations

Performance exams – These examinations build communication and life skills. They develop a clear speaking voice, good body language and self-confidence.

Performance / Audition Classes

For those who wish to build performance confidence or for those auditioning for drama school, these classes equip you with techniques monologues and practice to help you achieve your goal!

Vocal Coaching

Gain a fundamental grounding in Voice Work. How to produce and use your voice correctly so that it both reflects your personality and the thought you wish to communicate. To have a quality of voice and speech which can be heard and understood by small or large groups?

Public Speaking

Gain an insight into a better presentation vocally and visually, with easy practical techniques. This will enable any enthusiastic speaker to engage and influence others successfully, building resourceful relationships through rapport. Learn how to communicate to one or one hundred!

"The sessions are full of positivity and hope for a brighter future! Never attended a lecture where everything is fun"

Michelle Hicks