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The Right To Speak

The Right To Speak by Patsy Rodenberg

Patsy Rodenberg OBE, 26yrs as the Head of Voice at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama and until recently Head of voice at the National Theatre. She has worked with Judi Dench, Ian Mckellan and Daniel Day Lewis. She is also under the banner of the Michael Howard Studios in New York City.

This ground breaking book changed my whole thinking on speech . It gives you the psychology   behind speaking and with simple exercises , and  the tools to change it.

Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice by Barbara Houseman

Barbara has worked for Royal Shakespeare Company as Voice Director and at young vic.

This self help book for actors is brilliant for anyone wanting to develop their voice. Can be used a resource , I use the exercises myself in my own work and can be used by students or professional’s at any level.


The Voice Exercise Book

The Voice Exercise Book by Jeannette Nelson

Trained as a singer and dancer at The Arts Educational School, then worked in theatre and cabaret . She took an English degree at Queen Marys University and trained as a voice teacher at Central school of Speech and Drama. Now head of voice at the National Theatre.

This easy to use book shares vocal exercises that Britain’s leading actors would use, to help keep their voices in shape.  Jeannettes belief is that it is for all of us.  Her aim is to find your authentic voice not a fake one.

Your Voice And How To Use It Successfully

Your Voice and How To Use it Successfully by Cicley Berry CBE

Voice guru of the world , expert in Shakespeare’s language and text . British theatre director and vocal coach. She was the vocal coach at The Royal Shakespeare Company from 1969 to 2014.

This book covers everything from, Why is speech important?  What is good speech?  What about accents?  What is a good voice?  How can I stop being nervous?  How important is vocabulary.  It’s a must on anyone’s bookshelf.

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The Right To Speak


It all started here

Why you should read my book


Patsy Rodenberg has been my main inspiration for my teaching.  It all started with this book.  

It’s a great read.


Latest reads

A great choice of books for you to read and digest.  Whether you like Acting, Shakespeare or Voice Work.  All highly recommended!

Shakespeare On Toast

Shakespeare On Toast –Ben Crystal

Actor author producer and  director. He was the curator, producer creative director of Shakespeare’s Original Pronunciation.

This book is a masterclass for both old and new alike. Easy to read, funny and gives a light hearted look at Shakespeare. I love it.

Tackling Text And Subtext

Tackling Text and Subtext by Barbara Houseman

Another book from Barbara- this I use constantly, it has so many brilliant and effective exercises to help the actor connect and make more sense of text and subtext from rehearsal to performance.


Oxford Illustrated Shakespeare Dictionary

Oxford Illustrated Shakespeare Dictionary by David and Ben Crystal

This book has been really helpful when working with Shakespeare’s Language, it unlocks the language and words of the Bard. 20,000 words clearly explained with illustrations.

How To Do Accents

How to do Accents By Edda Sharpe and Jan Hayden Rowles

A great tool for any actor wanting to know how to do accents. Its very practical and really fun.

more care for your voice

More Care For Your Voice by The Voice Care Network

A concise professional introduction to the use and care of the speaking voice. Recommended by the Health and Safety Commissions school and Education Advisory Committee. Available from


National Theatre Connections

National Theatre Connections Monologue Speeches for Young Actors – Anthony Banks

It can be really hard to find a good modern monologue which suits your age to perform at auditions.  This collection of monologues gives you a lot of choice and variety from tried and tested plays for young people. I found it very useful.

The Oxford Dictionary Of Original Shakespearean Pronunciation

The Oxford Dictionary Of Original Pronunciation by David Crystal

A bumper book written by this leading linguistic author David Crystal. He gives an insight to over 20,000 words showing how the word’s are pronounced in Original Pronunciation (O.P).

Voice Catcher

Voice Catcher An anthology By Voice Care Network

It evolved from an informal meeting at a VCN Annual Study Day, members brought and shared their favourite pieces relating to the speaking voice. This was the result! It’s a diverse catch of voices harvested by a national network of voice professionals.

“Today, I feel a better communicator. The new job will provide me with some high profile opportunities to practise public speaking. Thank you for sharing both your skills and enthusiasm for communication of the spoken word”

Keith (Thurrock Council)

“Loved it and plan to share the information with my husband and recommend your course to him – he gives lots of presentations in his job but mumbles.”

Katie (Home maker)

“I do feel I have the ability to deliver my speech now, and have been shown how to deal with my nerves.”

Ken (Best Man)