Lamda offers a wide range of Communication and performance examinations. Across the range LAMDA exams develop a learner’s ability to;
Read easily and fluently - Expand vocabulary - Improve confidence in speaking and listening - Research and create persuasive formal presentations - Engage in formal conversations - Explore different characters which allows the learners to get to the heart of how feelings and emotions dictate behaviour - The development of a clear speaking voice and good body language

Exam structure

Introductory Exams and Acting

Learners will develop the ability to share a poem and respond to some simple questions.
The acting exams encourage all students to focus on a variety of key performance skills. As they learn monologues and duologue’s. You gain experience for future auditions, interviews and other formal situations whether it's within the theatre or in business

Conquering your

Public Speaking

Public speaking is an important life skill. whether speaking to one or one hundred. These exams provide the tools to help learners construct speeches, use positive body language and engage with a wide range of communication techniques.

Helping you

Speaking Verse and Prose

Developing a good speaking voice is vital to these exams. Learners will recognise how to use their voices in different ways to provoke different reactions. Technically the learner will develop the skills in voice diction posture and body language.

Working with a learner on a one to one. Working in a practical but creative way to bring out the text and subtext in a monologue. Investigating the character which allows the student to get to the heart of how the character is feeling and thinking.

Auditioning and Performance Skills