How Do We Deal With The Voice Warm Up

Warm ups are great to help you find control again when the energy is pumping!

When your nerves are getting the best of you – there is tension in the body – the breath stops the muscles involved in voice production get tense – We need to warm up the voice.

But what do I do ?

Warm up phyiscally – Stretching, yawning, tongue stretches , shoulder rolls – so when the nerves come most of these muscles will not be tense

In the moment – Wiggle your toes – it reminds you have the floor beneath your feet -your present and not going anywhere – then do a brief body scan

Focus on the out breath – sigh out – if you feel like you have lost your words let the breath go

Everyone will have a different warm up which is unique to them and their body .

To find out more contact me and I will help navigate the best warm up for you

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