Black and white 1950's style microphone

How many times do you trip over your words when speaking? When you speak your muscles perform a complex dance. Speaking is very sensual and physical activity, so the muscles need constant work because they get lazy!!!! When you go to gym you warm up, before you play a game of sport you warm up,…

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Points to remember when thinking about volume: Breath control and support A clear focused idea of where the voice is to reach A released and stress free approach that does not lead to forcing or shouting The ability to release and sustain breath, rather than to force it out of the body An understanding of…

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The Right to Speak Vocal Coach Colchester

The way we stand tells us lots about what we are feeling and thinking – it’s called body language. The way we stand also affects the way we sound. We have to make sure our head is naturally on top of the spine. Our shoulders are free released and relaxed, any tension will affect the…

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To speak naturally, you do not want to put anything on, or try for this kind of theatrical presentation for that would be force.  At the same time you recognise that change or surprise is needed vocally if people are to be interested.  So how do we go about it? A change in pitch and…

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