To speak naturally, you do not want to put anything on, or try for this kind of theatrical presentation for that would be force.  At the same time you recognise that change or surprise is needed vocally if people are to be interested.  So how do we go about it?

A change in pitch and inflection

Change of pace

Use of Pause

Change in Volume

We need to find material, which cries out for variety of all sorts, read it aloud and just experiment.  The best material for this is narrative. There is great value in getting the sense of unfolding a story – keeping the suspense going. Reading stories to children is marvellous, because you are free to be a bit outrageous, and the more outrageous you are, the more they love it – it can make you aware of a lot of range.

Read any Dickens passage aloud and you cannot fail to learn something from it.  Rhythmically it is so alive and full of change.  Read it but read it allowing yourself to be surprised, so that your voice is taken of guard and reacts in a way that you do not plan……have a go!

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