Keeping your voice healthy in the cold weather

Everyone seems to be sneezing, blowing their noses or coughing – yes its that time of year again!

So how can we keep our voices healthy and in tip top condition.

Drinking 2 litres of water day is the recommended amount by E.N.T and other medical specialists – it helps avoid your voice from drying – out especially when we are surrounded with heating.

If you do have a cold avoid any remedy that claims to dry up your cold as it will also dry the necessary lubricating mucus.

Inhale steam through the mouth (without the additional substances like menthol), avoid coughing if you can. Try swallowing hard or gently clearing the throat. Never whisper if the voice is below par.

Throat lozenges strip the necessary lubricating mucus from the back of the throat. Try pastilles instead! And remember Dairy products create excessive mucus and Alcohol dries the mucus that is essential to ease vocal operation.

And of course if your throat is sore avoid shouting yelling or competing with other noise. Consider learning how to project your voice safely instead.

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